My pledge is to...

Increase Efficiency the way:
Turn off lights, computers, and electronics when not in use
Adjust Thermostats
Use rechargeable batteries
Set electronics to use energy saver features
Replace incandescent lights with efficient compact fluorescent lamps
Use email instead of paper
Use both sides of paper when making copies

Re-Use the way:
Use reusable mugs (coffee, soda, etc…)
Use reuseable bags instead of plastic
Pack lunches in reuseable containers
Buy products made from recycled materials
Donate used equipment and furniture

Recycle the way:
Recycle plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, and cardboard
Recycle disposable batteries
Recycle toner cartridges and replace with recycled cartridges
Use paper made from recycled products

Reduce the way:
Reduce pollution
Reduce energy consumption
Reduce waste
Purchase products from companies that reduce pollution, waste, and energy consumption

Commute the way:
Walk whenever possible
Use public transit
Ride bikes
Car pool and car share