Drip Irrigation System 1719 In 1998 a drip irrigation system was installed at our apprentice training building to conserve water when caring for outdoor shrubbery. Currently we are conserving water through this initiative but hope to become even more efficient by installing rain barrels to use as the source of the drip irrigation system.

Solar Panels in 3rd and Jackson In 2006, 50 solar panels were installed on the roof of our building at 3rd and Jackson. This was the formalization of the Local 98 Green Initiative.

Recycling Initiative Customized recycling bins have been purchased and placed in each office at each of our 5 buildings. Larger bins were purchased and placed in the kitchen and copy areas of each building. A memo was sent out to all employees mandating recycling at Local 98.

Green Friendly Computers We have already begun upgrading our IT system to improve energy efficiency. Several thin client Macs have been purchased along with several Mac Notebooks. Not only are Macs environmentally friendly computers with their production process but it will also conserve energy to use notebooks that do not need continuous electricity when compared to the current desktop models.

Green Conference Attendance Local 98 has already had a presence at Green Conferences such as the Greener Jobs Conference in DC and the Green Energy Symposium in Philadelphia. We are looking to continue this presence to network and collaborate with other green businesses and continue to be on the cutting edge of the green revolution.

Energy Audit An energy audit has been conducted through our 5 buildings. Recommendations for energy efficient light bulbs, dimmers and motion sensors are currently being considered for a price quote so we can begin the conversion process.

Solar Panels We are in the process of installing solar roofs on all of our buildings. We have 2 locations completed and are in the process of completing the rest.

Lighting Changes We have installed energy efficient light bulbs along with dimmers and motion sensors where necessary to decrease unnecessary energy usage.

Increase Solar Classes We are in the process of increasing the number of solar classes available to our members. We are looking to create a several day course specifically for our members out of work to educate them on solar installations. This would increase the number of jobs available to our members by educating them on the process of solar installations.

Philly Car Share To increase transportation efficiency for our members and the surrounding community, we have placed 3 Philly Car Share spots in our Apprentice Training Parking Lot at 1719 Spring Garden dedicated to American made Philly Car Share Vehicles. Philly Car Share promotes decreased usage of individual cars therefore decreasing vehicle emissions in the environment.

Bike Racks We have installed custom bike racks around all of our buildings to promote biking as a means of transportation.

Trees We have installed a variety of trees around our 17th street locations.

Rain Water Collection Along with the installation of trees, we are looking to purchase and install rain barrels to collect natural "grey" water that can be used through a drip irrigation system to care for the outdoor trees and plants we will be planting.

Paperless Offices Although this is quite a high goal, we are looking to eventually go paperless by completing everything through the computer. There are several ways we have begun to implement this process.

The photocopiers are being utilized as scanners so more documents can be sent electronically rather than printing out multiple copies to distribute.
We are looking to use the Print Greener Software which allows the user to select only the specific area of a website they find necessary to print therefore reducing ink and paper usage.
For any of the documents that are required to be printed, we will be purchasing 100% Recycled Paper to print on.

Reusable Bags Green reusable bags have been purchased with the Local 98 Go Green Logo to be given out to members for use and to bring more awareness of our green initiatives.

Green Newsletter A green newsletter is being produced for distribution among our members to make them aware of what Local 98 is doing to help the environment along with informing them of what they can do to help. A section on job creation within the realms of solar installation will also be included to show them what other IBEW members have done and what they will be able to do after taking our solar classes.

Recycling at Union Meetings We are developing a schedule of household recyclables that can be recycled at each notified union meeting. Examples would include plastic bags and electronics such as computers and cell phones. When placed in the municipal waste these items are difficult to sort out and end up sitting in landfills.

Environmentally Friendly Office Products Along with using 100% recycled paper we are continuously looking for new and improved environmentally friendly office products to be purchased over those that are not formed from recycled material and are not considered green.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products The purchase of green cleaning supplies is pertinent to the green initiative at Local 98. This includes products that are safe, natural and non-toxic.

Green Pest Control Our pest control has been green and will continue to be. Orkin is using integrated pest management monitoring rather than continuous spraying in all of our buildings. If necessary, the spray that they do use is made from various plant extracts. Orkin understands our green initiative and is keeping us informed with the most up to date green pest management techniques.

Aerators To reduce water flow throughout our buildings, aerators are being sized for our faucets to allow them to be low flow.